We are a non-profit, licensed medical clinic that provides valuable services in the Greater Skagit Area for those facing unplanned pregnancies. For over two decades, we have provided pregnancy tests and related services to women, men, teens, families, singles, and married couples. We are here to walk with you through this journey.

All services are provided at no cost. 

Meet The Team

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Irene Bazan

Executive Director

Email - irene@pregnancychoices.org

Phone - (360) 428-4777

Kristine Livingston

FutureImpact Program Coordinator


Phone - (360) 428-4777

Brooke Knoester 

Thriving Heart Program Coordinator


Phone - (360) 428-4777

Lisa Wagner

LPN Patient Advocate Program Coordinator


Phone - (360) 428-4777

Tami Michael

Administrative Assistant/Compliance Coordinator


Phone - (360) 428-4777

Kelly Kinkel

Nurse Manager


Phone - (360) 428-4777

Meet The Board

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Rebecca Hamman

Board Member

Vacant Position

Board Member

Mark Stewart

Board Member

Frank Jeretzky

Board Chair / Interim Treasurer

Marie Anderson

Vice Board Chair

Jacque Dougherty


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Email: info@pregnancychoices.org

Phone: (360) 428-4777

Tax ID # 943124655

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Disclosure Statement

Pregnancy Choices cares about those facing an unplanned pregnancy and we are dedicated to providing you with the essential services you need.

Since we do not perform or refer for abortions, arrange adoptions or provide comprehensive medical care, we have no financial interest in the pregnancy decisions made by women. Every woman deserves the opportunity to make an informed choice regarding her pregnancy. Pregnancy Choices exists to provide the caring support which enables women to do so.

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