Thriving Heart is a no-cost growing educational resource coaching the next parenting generation through mentoring and practical support.

This program is open to members of the community who desire to learn more about the following topics: healthy pregnancy, parenting, life skills, fatherhood, sexual health, and many more.

The Program

Thriving Heart program utilizes an online educational curriculum called BrightCourse which offers streaming video lessons that are research based, relevant, easy to understand and entertaining to watch. These videos can be viewed from any location or device. Clients watch the lessons and meet with a BrightCourse Mentor who offers ongoing support and a safe place to learn. Registered participants earn credits that can be used to shop in our onsite Boutique 

The Boutique

Credits earned through viewing BrightCourse lessons and meeting with your BrightCourse Mentor can be spent in The Boutique to purchase items for mom, baby, and household alike. Inventory in The Boutique includes every day and maternity clothing for women, baby clothing, books, blankets, diapers, household items such as laundry detergent, shampoo, or toothpaste and much more.

Monthly Mom's Support Group

The Thriving Heart program also offers a Monthly Mom’s Support Group that meets the second Thursday of the month. This is a great opportunity to connect with other moms in the community. It can be reassuring to know you’re not alone. Besides meeting other moms, this group provides practical and engaging information surrounding topics of interest related to parenting.

Upcoming Meeting Dates


 Saturday April 3 from 2pm - 4pm

KIWANIS PARK  500 S. 18th Street, Mount Vernon

Email: info@pregnancychoices.org

Phone: (360) 428-4777

Tax ID # 943124655

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Disclosure Statement

Pregnancy Choices cares about those facing an unplanned pregnancy and we are dedicated to providing you with the essential services you need.

Since we do not perform or refer for abortions, arrange adoptions or provide comprehensive medical care, we have no financial interest in the pregnancy decisions made by women. Every woman deserves the opportunity to make an informed choice regarding her pregnancy. Pregnancy Choices exists to provide the caring support which enables women to do so.

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