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Pregnancy Testing

For those who think they might be pregnant, a pregnancy test can bring much needed peace-of-mind. Results are given by our nurse within several minutes. Women may walk-in or make an appointment. 

Prenatal Vitamins

Pregnancy Choices offers prenatal vitamins at no cost.

We provide a six-month supply to every pregnant patient, and at any time during or after the pregnancy the patient can return for another six-month supply


Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

Our free-of-charge ultrasounds are performed by medical professionals for women whose pregnancy test is positive. These ultrasounds are limited to dating pregnancy, ensuring the pregnancy is located in the uterus and determining the viability of the pregnancy. This information can play an important role in the decision-making process.


Pregnancy Options


When a woman discovers she is pregnant, whatever decision she makes will have a significant impact on her life. In the hopes that each woman will make the best, informed decision for her pregnancy, Pregnancy Choices desires to help women comprehend each option available. That is why at the culmination of a positive pregnancy test, our trained staff and medical professionals will provide women with education about abortion, adoption, and parenting. Our staff will provide each woman with materials to help in her on-going decision making process. 


Resources & Referrals

Pregnancy Choices has established a network of community resources to fulfill the unique needs and concerns surrounding pregnancy. From assistance acquiring insurance to housing, job training to clothing and diapers, this referral network enables individuals to find the exact support they need. 



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Disclosure Statement

Pregnancy Choices cares about those facing an unplanned pregnancy and we are dedicated to providing you with the essential services you need.

Since we do not perform or refer for abortions, arrange adoptions or provide comprehensive medical care, we have no financial interest in the pregnancy decisions made by women. Every woman deserves the opportunity to make an informed choice regarding her pregnancy. Pregnancy Choices exists to provide the caring support which enables women to do so.

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